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Built to last with breakthrough performance.

Since pioneering air spring technology for the transportation industry in the late 1930’s, Firestone has led the market in expansion and innovation. For over 75 years we’ve developed solutions for your needs no matter what industry you are in. Firestone Airide™ air springs are designed to meet the demands of two of the world’s toughest industries – mining and construction.

Firestone cab, seat and suspension air springs are engineered for performance, designed for comfort and built to last. Firestone’s rugged, reliable air spring products have endless capabilities. Our air springs are often a superior alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders or coil springs. Firestone’s Marsh Mellow™ springs are commonly used for vibration isolation on both mining and construction equipment. Firestone’s innovative Manufacturing & Industrial products can be found on conveying, material handling, concrete form production equipment and sorting applications in the mining and construction industries. Whatever your job involves, we’ve got the parts to make it run better, smoother and more efficiently.

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